Can my dog get the Coronavirus?

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With the Coronavirus spreading around the World, it’s a worrying and unknown time for many and you may be wondering what this means for your dog.

At Aussie Pooch Mobile we are working to take extra care, in order to promote the best possible environment within our trailers and to help keep our community and their furry family members as safe as possible. With the ongoing situation, many of you will have questions and concerns about your dogs at this uncertain time. Below we answer some of the common questions that are on everyone’s minds at the moment.

Is my dog safe? Can my dog get coronavirus?

So far, there’s very little evidence to suggest that dogs can catch the disease. There’s also no evidence to suggest that dogs can transfer COVID-19 between humans. However, this is a new virus and a rare situation – new information is coming out daily.

Can dogs still be washed by my local groomer?

Yes, all Aussie Pooch Mobile groomers are taking extreme hygiene precautions, including disinfecting surface areas and equipment, to help promote the best possible environment within our trailers.  We have been advised to refrain from accepting cash and kindly ask you to pay with eftpos or direct debit, (your local groomer will advise you on which they prefer).

I like to help out when Aussie Pooch Mobile wash my dog, can I still do this?

We appreciate that some of you do love to give us a helping hand with the set up, and packing up, of our trailers, however we would kindly ask for you to not do so at this time. This is for your safety, and ours.

What can I do at home to protect myself and my dog?

Practicing hand hygiene is very important. Washing your hands frequently as well as keeping items around your home as sanitary as possible. Do not forget to wash dog leads, bedding and toys with sanitising wipes or a hot wash to avoid any germs from spreading.

If I’m self-isolating, can I still walk my dog?

If you’re self-isolating due to flu-like symptoms, we recommend that you do not walk your dog outside. If you are feeling up to it; you can however, play games with them around the house and in the backyard to keep them happy and healthy. If your local groomer or anyone else is coming to your home, please let them know of your symptoms before they arrive so they can make an informed decision and take appropriate precautions. 

During this time, please remember to follow the advice of the Australian Government and World Health Organisation by maintaining good hygiene to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Together we can help curb the spread.

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