Tick Treatment for Dogs

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It’s that time of year again. The tick season has begun and you really need to start thinking about tick treatments, if you haven’t already, because paralysis ticks can cause serious illness and even kill your pets.

Paralysis ticks are found on the eastern seaboard, from North Queensland to Victoria. And although they are common near the coastline they can also be found inland in suitable habitats.

In the northern areas, ticks can be a problem all year round, but become particularly active as the warmer weather begins. Whereas, in more southern areas, the tick season lasts from Spring until late Autumn.


Avoid tick habitats – E.g. bush and scrubland

Search pets every day – Use fingertips to search through the coat thoroughly

Remove collars, leads or harnesses and check your entire pet – Remember to look between toes and in armpits

Be systematic – Start at the nose and carefully examine the face and ears before working backwards

Most ticks are found forward of the front legs – Search this area carefully, particularly paying special attention to skin folds

Remove ticks as soon as they are found and keep on searching in case there are more

Consult your local veterinarian for advice

If you own a dog or cat, there are several signs of tick toxicity you should be aware of.

  • Signs can include:
    Sick puppy
    Loss of control of back legs (wobbly or not being able to get up)
    Change in voice or bark
    Retching, coughing or vomiting
    Loss of appetite
    Paralysis extending to front legs
    Laboured or rapid breathing

NOTE: signs often do not appear until the paralysis tick has been attached for three to five days. Not all signs will be present in all pets. Many of these signs can be confused with other ailments, causing some pet owners to delay visits to their local veterinarian.

If your pet shows signs, it may need veterinary attention so it’s important to see your veterinarian as soon as possible. Sadly, delay in the removal of paralysis ticks or in the treatment of tick toxicity can result in death.

The most important things to do to help protect your pet from paralysis ticks are to check your pet for ticks every day and to apply an effective paralysis tick control product. Your local Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash operator can deliver to you a full range of flea control products at very competitive prices. These include  Frontline Plus, Advantage, Revolution, Sentinel and Advantix.

It is especially important to not miss any tick treatments, as if you do your pet may not be protected from paralysis ticks.

You can find more information, tips and hints by going to www.aussiepm.com.au