Dog Massage- could it help your dog this winter?

Giving your dog a regular massage can help to relieve aches and pains and is also great for older dogs with arthritis. Winter is here, which means we get to enjoy hearty, filling meals and warm, log fires. However the colder weather can also mean stiff joints and slower movements for our dogs. Below you will find tips on how … Read More

New look dog wash booking pages

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Here at Aussie Pooch Mobile we have been working hard behind the scenes updating some key features of our website. We have recently created some franchise area specific web pages so that our customers can find important contact details for their local dog wash operator. Over time we will further enhance these pages for both the operator and the customers. … Read More

Operator Spotlight- Louise Cooper

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Louise has been with Aussie Pooch Mobile since 2015 and operates in the Greenwith, SA area. She has two furbabies of her own featured in the picture that are brother and sister. Her little girl ‘China’ and her big boofhead, ‘Levi’, as she likes to call them. Louise loves to take her pooches to the beach and also rides horses … Read More

How to keep your dog hydrated this summer !!

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Summer is officially here, so keeping your pets cool and hydrated in the hot weather is a priority. There are many tricks in order of keeping your pooch hydrated and cool, Aussie Pooch Mobile can assist with this issue on 1300 369 369.  If your dog is acting unusual, then check to see if the heat is bothering him/ her. In … Read More

Keeping your dog safe over the holidays !!

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The holidays are the most enjoyable time of year for the whole family including pets, therefore keeping them safe is a priority. However, with all of the hustle and bustle of this busy season, we often forget to adapt our celebrations for the safety of our pets. Here are 6 quick tips to keep your furry family members safe over the holidays; … Read More

Benefits Of A Pooch Career You Love

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Yes – Start getting ready to quit your old job! At the risk of sounding like a motivational meme, you could become one of those people (like our current franchisees and representatives) who brag about life on social media, from the moment you ditch your ‘argh’ job and start a career you actually like. There are so many benefits of … Read More

Travelling with Pets!!

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With careful planning and the right safety equipment hitting the road with your canine companion can be fun and hassle free. Aussie Pooch Mobile can help with suggestions. Phone: 1300 369 369. Dogs are part of our families. Therefore many of us want to take our pets along with us when going on vacation. This means accommodating them so that they … Read More

Storms and Dogs

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Many owners make the mistake of putting their pet/s in a particular place when a storm is happening. Then they reward the dog for being clingy and whimpering. But we don’t want to reward the dog for whimpering because that will increase the clingy behaviour. Instead, practice getting your dog to settle on command. For example, you could try putting … Read More

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