The Animal Charity Empower Assistance Dogs

Shown below are some of the amazing assistance dogs and incredible children that Aussie Pooch Mobile have been associated with over the years.
Aussie Pooch Mobile began their work with the Assistance Dogs Program in 2007 in conjunction with Craig A Murray Specialist Dog Trainers (now operating under not for profit organisation Empower Assistance Dogs) and Variety The Children’s Charity. “The dogs trained to help assist these special needs children are amazing,” says Chris Taylor “Not only do these dogs get a second chance at life, they help change the lives of the children, empowering them to lead a more independant life.”

Liam and Hero

10 year old Cerebral Palsy sufferer Liam Siltala has his Assistance Dog Hero to help him with all his day to day tasks. Hero goes to school with Liam and helps him by picking up anything he may drop and helps him with his general motor skills by throwing the ball for him. (which they both love).
A letter from Hero…

Harry and Reily

When 3-year-old Riley Paterson from Norman Park in Queensland was diagnosed with high functioning autism spectrum, his parents, Linda and Tony were naturally overwhelmed.

Luckily Harry the pound puppy who was rescued by specialist dog trainers, Craig and Tracey Murray, came to Riley's rescue. This wonderful little dog is getting a second chance at life while providing a special little boy a chance to improve his life.
Harry was taught obedience by both hand signal and verbal command so that Reilly has both tactile and verbal commands to use.
"Harry has changed our lives," says Linda, Riley's mum. "Managing Reilly in the community has become easier and Reilly fell in love with Harry as soon as he met him. We thank Aussie Pooch Mobile every day for giving us the opportunity to have Harry.’

The best Christmas present ever...Malaya received her new best friend Max, an assistance dog from Empower!

8 year old Malaya Harris suffers from Autism and anxiety and after an Autism website recommended an Assistance Dog for Malaya, Variety the Children’s Charity and Empower Assistance Dogs stepped in to help out.

Max was originally dumped by a previous owner at the pound for his once naughty behavior. Craig Murray, one of the trainers at Empower Assistance Dogs says, “All Max needed was a bit of guidance and to be shown who was boss. Furthermore he does have a very big heart and personality which actually makes him the perfect match for Malaya”.

What an amazing story - click here to read more about the perfect match up of these 2 beautiful souls. 

Jacob Johnson and his Assistance Dog Lou

Jacob Johnson was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder with Pervasive Developmental Delays (PDD) in May 2007 which was a huge shock to the whole family.
ASD affects Jacob in a number of areas – limited eye contact, social communication with his peers, meltdowns, obsessions and inability to concentrate and maintain focus on tasks that are outside his obsessions. Now thanks to Variety Queensland, Aussie Pooch Mobile and Craig & Tracey Murray Lou was trained to distract and soothe Jacob and to help in conversing with his peers.

Jazmin Bromley and her dog Colin

Jazmin suffers arthrogryposis, a disorder affecting her muscles and joints and robbing her of mobility and even the capability to pick up something she has dropped. Her dog Colin helps her complete simple tasks most people take for granted, like getting up after a fall.
See here Jazmin’s story as seen on the Today Show

Lewis and Bouncer

9-year-old Lewis Puddiford was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism and ADHD. After a year of training and testing, a golden Labrador named Bouncer joined the Puddiford family. Lewis was overjoyed to receive an assistance dog of his own. Bouncer gives lewis more independence in his daily life, as he’s able to ask Bouncer to retrieve objects, turn off lights, help him get on and off the ground and accompany him in social situations. Since receiving Bouncer there has been a big difference in Lewis’ confidence. Having a constant companion by his side helped him to bond with his younger sister, sleep easier and reduce his anxiety.

Empower Assistance Dogs is also open to children who through circumstance (accident etc) are now working through rehabilitation. They are a great motivator.