Christine Taylor – Founder of Aussie Pooch Mobile

Christine Taylor knows a thing or two about franchising.

The founder of one of Australia’s most successful franchising businesses she has helped hundreds of people build their own franchises to incredible heights and completely turn their lives around.

Her story began in 1985 when was just 16-years-old and started a part time dog washing business in her parent’s back yard in North Brisbane. She was mad about dogs, loved them with a passion, so it was an easy and fun way to make some money.

To begin with she was just washing dogs at home, but through word of mouth her business grew rapidly and before she knew it there was demand from further afield, so she did what any enterprising teenager would do, and expanded her services.

She decided to include mobile hydrobathing, travelling to customers’ homes to wash and pamper the family dog. That was in 1991.

The dream was simple.

Provide a caring & convenient service to improve the overall well being of the much loved, four-legged, family members

In 1992, when she was 23, the company Aussie Pooch Mobile Pty Ltd was formed and she became the first person to franchise a mobile dog washing business in the world.

After huge success in Australia, Chris realised a global need for her business, so after more research, launched as ‘The Pooch Mobile’ overseas and expanded to New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Caledonia and the United States of America. After an amazing journey with like minded people internationally, a decision was made to focus once again solely on Australia. These franchise systems now operate independent of Aussie Pooch Mobile, which allows them to continue their journeys overseas with the team providing support as required.

In the early days, Chris and her husband David, lived and breathed Aussie Pooch Mobile, growing and expanding the business. 

Her motto was “To be successful first you have to fall in love with what you do.”

And it’s a motto all of her franchisees live by. Every single franchisee has a passion for working with dogs and truly love what they do.

Aussie Pooch Mobile is now in its 29th year in the pet industry

and has almost 200 dog loving operators.

Naturally, Christine has won an award or two, including FCA Franchising Woman of the Year, Queensland Young Achiever of the Year Award for Career Achievement and Queensland's Telstra Business Woman of the Year in the Business Owner Category.

She was inducted into the Franchise Council of Australia’s ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2012, which is not only due to the success of her own business, but the dedication she puts into the success of her franchisees. Also recognised for her contribution to women in business with her induction into the Australian Businesswomen's Hall of Fame in 2016.

The Aussie Pooch Mobile franchise model remains a key figure in the franchising industry.

The Aussie Pooch Mobile franchise success story has even caught the eye of Griffith University in Australia and Harvard University in the USA who have have co-written a case study on Aussie Pooch Mobile, which is being taught in business and franchise degrees.

The Aussie Pooch Mobile is the worlds first franchise system of its kind and is the premier dog wash and care company!

So if you want to fall in love with what you do and think franchising is in your future, simply contact Aussie Pooch Mobile for more information on how to join the team.

You will be supported all the way and join a business of like-minded franchisees who wake up every single morning loving what they do.