Aussie Pooch Mobile Franchisee Testimonials

Aussie Pooch Mobile Franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them variety of skills & experience. 


With our strong brand presence, proven systems and lifelong training and development programs, many dog lovers are creating their success stories as small business owners.


Our Franchisee's are our strongest advocates, lets hear what they have to say!

Wade Rutledge - Franchisee since 2003

Jayne Collison - Franchisee since 2005


I enjoy the interaction with dogs and developing and being part of a resolution in problem areas. I love establishing relationships with the dogs and their owners that exposes you to many different personalities and individual lifestyles. I love having the flexibility and control over work hours and income. Also the satisfaction one feels when a dog leaves the bath and prances around the yard or house showing off how good they look and feel, I LOVE MY JOB. Julia Thornton - started as a company representative in 2014, purchased a franchise in 2015

I love the freedom of working my own hours, being outside and having the security of a good team behind me. I also love working with dogs and building fantastic relationships with my customers. Genny McGuinness - Franchisee since 2002 

I have always been interested in dog behaviour and this job helps me interact with many dogs and helps me hone my skills in that regard. Working as part of a successful franchise, has helped me develop my business skills as well. Grant McGuinness - Joined Genny in 2003

I brought into the Aussie Pooch Mobile Franchise after seeing how happy my wife was the system and the people she was working with. It is a pleasure going out each day and getting greeted by happy faces and waggy tails.

Mick Richardson - Joined his wife Karen Richardson's Franchise in 2004

My business has allowed me great flexibility and worked wonderfully around a growing family. With a support network second to none and an operating system which is proven to work, my business has grown into a rewarding asset fulfilling my needs both personally and financially. The ability to run my own business knowing that the hard work I put in comes straight back to me. I love my outdoor office, the relationships built with my clients and the bond formed with the dogs.

By becoming part of the support team I am proud to be able to help other franchisees reach their full potential” Debbie Bromley - Franchisee since 1999

“After operating an Aussie Pooch Sub-Franchise for 6 years I went on to purchase the Master Franchise on the Gold Coast. The main attribute towards my success is the excellent relationships that I have formed with the Franchisor, Support Staff and especially the previous Gold Coast Master Franchisee, Richard Ellmers who has now taken the system to the USA. Since purchasing my franchise I am financially better off, but also I am feeling fresher, more invigorated from working outdoors and meeting some very interesting people and their pets”. David Michael - Master Franchisee since 1999