A testament to the Aussie Pooch Brand

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After 10 years away from the company, Jill McCarthy has returned to Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming and says she’s right back where she belongs.

And Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash could not be happier to have Jill return to their franchise system.

“It is a huge compliment that our franchisees and our customers have remained loyal to the brand since our commencement in Australia in 1991,” says Aussie Pooch Mobile Director, Chris Taylor.

Jill was amongst the first franchisees to join the Aussie Pooch Mobile team in 1993, where she built her business up to such a level she was able to split her run and sell off half, but unfortunately due to health reasons had to leave the job she loved.

“I was so happy with Aussie Pooch as working with, and caring for dogs was my dream job,” says Jill. “Every day brought something new and I got to know and love each dog like it was my own. There was never a day I didn’t look forward to going to work.

“Apart from hydrobathing the dogs, I also became a trainer and on-road support person, and was featured in three training videos, which was a great experience.”

Jill left Aussie Pooch in 2002, but in the 10 years she was away, dogs were still a huge part of her life.

“Over the years I did several courses and became a qualified canine massage therapist and obedience instructor, and qualified as an odour detection dog handler, which was incredible.

“I worked for Biosecurity Queensland for 3 ½ years on their Red Imported Fireant Eradication Program, where I was responsible for transport, care and deployment of two fireant detections dogs.

“I also trained my own dog, Shelby to locate horse shoes in an open paddock as quite often the horse would lose one shoe so Shelby would find it for me because those things were expensive to replace!”

Jill then went on to work with more four-legged creatures as a partner in the equine therapy industry, which involved physical therapy for horses and dogs, and spent six years putting together a breeding training and showing program for her own Reining horses and achieving multiple wins and places at state and national level.

In all that time, she was never too far away from Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash & Grooming, doing charity work with them for Variety and Animal Welfare League, attending conferences and staying in touch with most of the Aussie Pooch team.

So when the opportunity arose to return to Aussie Pooch Mobile as a franchisee, Jill jumped at the chance.

“I am so excited to be back with Aussie Pooch Mobile washing and caring for dogs. I honestly feel like I’ve come home. While I am finding it challenging as things have changed a lot in 10 years, with new services and techniques, it is just as rewarding as I remember. I particularly love the aromacare doggy facial which is definitely a favourite with the dogs.”

Jill joins over 200 other franchisees in Australia, NZ, New Caledonia, Malaysia, UK and USA.

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