Change of careers

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Starting her career as a classical pianist, Genevieve Young has gone on to work in animal welfare and horticulture, and has recently changed again to operate a mobile dog wash.

At 58, and now with her fourth career change under her belt, Genevieve said her latest job is the best yet.

“It’s the one-on-one interaction and that time with the animals I value and appreciate. I feel good that I can be part of their life for a little while,” she said.

Ms Young started her working life with the Australian Opera company, as a rehearsal pianist playing chamber music and also teaching piano to students.

The Girraween resident, who has three pet dogs, then went on to work for Animal Liberation raising awareness and educating the public. “I found that incredibly rewarding work because it was actually making a contribution and helping other living creatures, rather than just being self-serving,” she said.

When she had children, Ms Young took a career break and then studied a diploma of horticulture, working in garden maintenance and retail nurseries.

Ms Young said being open to new experiences, trying new things and having a willingness to step outside your comfort zone is important, if you are thinking about a career change.

“I never thought in my twenties that I would end up washing dogs, but here I am and I love it and it’s only because I was willing to try it,” she said.

The qualified dog obedience instructor has used her prior experience to deal with difficult or frightened dogs in her new career as an Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Washer. She mainly operates around Toongabbie, Old Toongabbie, Pendle Hill and Girraween.

“It’s hard work and you need to put a lot of work into promoting your business and attracting new clientele,” she said. “The hardest thing was learning how to reverse the trailer!”

Picture: Simon Chillingworth. Source:NewsLocal