How to brush your dog’s teeth

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As you may know dental care is important for extending a pet’s good health and quality years. Veterinarians recommend daily dental care at home for pets. It’s best to begin at an early age (eight to twelve weeks) during puppy hood, but it is never too late. You can buy a dental kit at your pet-supply store.

It is also good practise to get your dog used to having its mouth inspected.

  • Acquaint the pet with mouth care slowly. Gently open the animal’s mouth and run your finger around the lips for 30 seconds on the first day and progress to a couple of minutes at a time.  Reward the animal with a small treat at the end of each session.
  • Next, use a washcloth wrapped around your index finger or wet toothbrush on the teeth (NEVER use a human toothbrush).
  • Next lift lips. Massage the outer surface only of the upper and lower teeth minutes.

Remember to have good strong teeth they need to be cleaned so tartar etc. does not build up. A dogs way of doing this is to eat bones and dry food so make sure your dog has these available at all times.

Chewing and grinding bones fulfills the natural instincts for bone crunching; it also acts as a natural teeth cleaner and can be a great reliever of boredom for the urban dog. City-slicker dogs are somewhat soft and certain bones cause a lot of problems, especially in the very young.

You should never feed your dog cooked bones.

Like us if a dogs teeth aren’t attended to they will need to be professionally cleaned by your veterinarian. Prevention is better than cure.

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