Music has soothing charms for dogs

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Dogs are amazing creatures, fully in tune with their owners’ emotional states. In fact, scientists have concluded that dogs can read and understand humans’ facial expressions. It is no wonder that they have been called man’s best friend. Dogs very much resemble humans, to a surprising degree, and this includes both in the negative and positive traits. Like humans, unfortunately, dogs suffer from stress and anxiety and they need to unwind. In addition to good exercise, sleep, and proper nutrition, a nice calming music repertoire can greatly reduce your dog’s anxiety levels.

Studies have been conducted on the impact that the right music can work wonders on your dog’s mood, calming a hyper pup or relaxing an anxious, nervous dog.

Scientific research has actually found that certain types of music – specifically classical music, played on a lower frequency and simplified down to its basic chords – can drastically relax the behaviour of dogs, helping with stressful situations that dogs often cannot cope with. There are even special CDs of music composed for specific situations, such as car rides or separation anxiety.

Today shelters, groomers, boarding kennels, veterinarians, and dog owners pump up the volume on their iPods, turn on the radio, and play CDs of classical music specifically designed to soothe pets, to create a calm and peaceful environment for dogs in their care.

This is a huge benefit to shelters. The dogs bark less and are more relaxed when people visit the shelter, visitors stay longer and spend more time with the animals, so more may be adopted.

How to Use Music to Calm Your Dog

There is an art to using music to calm your dog, and using the wrong music can have the opposite of the desired effect. For instance, we all know heavy metal and rock music is not exactly calming and will likely make animals hyper, but would you have guess that jazz music will make dogs more anxious?

Instead, researchers have found that by simplifying music and playing it in a lower key, it becomes easier (thus less stressful) for dogs’ brains to process and enjoy. Dogs – and even people – who listen to the carefully arranged pieces find themselves quite relaxed and at dog groomer

Using music to calm dogs, whether for stressful situations (like going for a drive in the car, being left alone or during firework displays), or simply for day-to-day relaxation, is another great natural and healthy way to improve your dog’s health and happiness today!

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