First Aid for Dogs!

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If your dog is badly hurt in your home or while out and about with you, it’s important to know how to administer first aid until you can reach a vet.

Dog-First-Aid-Tips A first aid kit, tailored to your dog’s needs, can truly be a lifesaver. If you take your dog on frequent outings, it’s a good idea to keep a second first aid kit handy in your car.

A first aid kit for a dog contains many of the same items it would for you. You can purchase a pet first aid kit from many pet stores which generally also include a booklet of information.

If your dog is injured, approach him calmly and carefully. Don’t assume

that he won’t snap or bite you – injured pets often react negatively at first to any attempt to touch them. Be sure to restrain them while you handle them. Talk soothingly and move slowly so he can see that you mean him no harm.

One of the most common ailments for dogs are Bee stings and ant bites. This is an easy fix in most cases. If your dog is stung while sniffing around, restrain him

and remove the stinger either with tweezers or by scraping it out (moving parallel to the skin surface). The discomfort of bee stings and ant bites can be alleviated, in most cases, by simply cooling the area with ice and cold water.  If they do start to swell then be sure to take a visit to your vet.

You can find out more about pet first aid at There are even courses on pet first aid!

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