Removing Hair Mats in Dogs

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Mats are annoying tangles of hair that may involve the topcoat, undercoat, dirt, loose hair hanging around and just about anything your dog may have gotten into. Some factors that cause mats in a dogs coat can include dirt, dander and other debris, static electricity, moisture, friction and hair mat

When removing a mat, you must put the dog’s feelings first, as removing a mat can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It is sometimes better to shave the dog all over than to spend hours trying to pull and tease the mats out.

To remove a mat you will need, conditioner, a comb, mat splitter, scissors and a slicker brush. First of all, soak the mats in the conditioner. Give them enough time for the conditioner to penetrate all the way through the mat. Then, starting at the end of the mats, try to pick the mat apart with a comb or your fingers. Try to work on it with a comb if the mat is large. If it is a small mat, use a mat splitter.

If it is too difficult to remove the mat, you can try using scissors. To do this safely and without cutting the dog’s skin, place a comb between the mat and the skin, and use scissors to cut the math from the comb. When you have a mat that has been cut into several pieces, you can gently try to brush the pieces out with a slicker brush. Finally, finish by combing through with a fine-toothed comb to make sure the entire mat is gone.

The most important thing to remember is to spend time grooming your dog regularly! To help avoid matting it is important that regular grooming is carried out. Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash operators can help in this area as well as other pet care.

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