Dirty dogs solving workplace downturn

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With the economic situation looking to worsen, seemingly secure jobs being axed and women bearing the brunt of job loss, times are certainly looking dismal.

And unfortunately in these economic times, many of us don’t have the luxury of living off a single income or working reduced hours for an employer. Childcare fees are exorbitant, and that’s if you can even find a placement and family commitments have you stretching your budget until it snaps.

But there is one business that’s thriving, in fact can’t keep up with current demand and could very well be the answer to a secure, financially rewarding job in such tough times, especially for women.

Aussie Pooch Mobile Wash and Grooming, a dog wash and grooming franchise system that was founded in 1991 by Chris Taylor is the solution to a fraught work situation that suits women from all walks of life, and all skill levels.

“We’ve recently had an influx of enquiries, mainly from women,” says Chris. “Even when things are uncertain, we find that women are extremely enterprising and do exceptionally well out of adversity. Within Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming we relish new women franchisees as the organisational skills, caring attitude, motivation and budgeting knowledge women generally display, is exactly what is required to make a successful franchisee.

“Even in tight times, people will always spend money on washing, grooming, pampering and caring for their dogs, and we’ve had such a huge demand for our services lately that we are finding it hard to keep up.”

So for those currently seeking an alternative job, all you need is the drive, determination and will to succeed and if you love dogs, even better. There has never been a better time to re-evaluate your work/life situation and becoming an Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming franchisee means you can breathe a sigh of relief. For further information about Aussie Pooch Mobile visit www.aussiepm.com.au or call the support office on (07) 3888 7111.