How To Keep Your Dog Warm In Winter

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It’s time. The winter months are upon us and we’re all worried about how to keep our dogs warm.

The first suggestion would be to take shorter walks. As it reduces the time spent outside for you and your dog, reducing the risks of catching a cold and keeping you and your dog warm.

Keeping your dog inside as much as you can will decrease the threat of not only being cold, but also pneumonia and a cold. If your dog is an outside only dog the next best option is a doggy kennel, which will cost you a few hundred dollars. Make sure that the kennel shields your dog from wind and rain as well as the cold. Installing insulation in the kennel may need to be considered especially for smaller dogs with short hair.

dog-bedEnsure that bedding is not only warm but comfortable. If the bed is not comfortable, the dog will not want to stay in it at night, which will leave them sitting on the cold tile floor. You also need to make sure that the bedding isn’t too warm otherwise it will lead to overheating.fd1c9747cc859a7b2fdc539e1e8d0c84

Particularly for small dogs, use canine clothing, especially at night. Smaller dogs are more prone to the cold because of their short hair and smaller muscles which means that they have to taken care of when it comes to keeping them warm much more than a medium or large dog.

Using these simple methods, you can keep your dog warm this winter and protect them them from illnesses that come from the cold.


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