Things Dog Owners Should Have in Their Survival Kit

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Are you that person? You know who you are – the one who’s walking down the street, feels a pull at the leash and looks behind you to see your dog is doing his business in the middle of the sidewalk. All you have in your hand is a cup of coffee. Keep the following items in a handy bag ready to go on every outing and you will never be that person again.

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Poop bags – self explanatory, right?

Hand sanitiser – You just picked up the poop!

Bandages – you or your dog could hurt yourself.

Treats – you can use these as rewards or incentives.

Allergy Information – just in case of an emergency!

Snack – you could get hungry

Water – for you and your pooch

Collapsible dog bowl – so your dog can have a drink whenever he needs.

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