How to keep your dog hydrated this summer !!

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Summer is officially here, so keeping your pets cool and hydrated in the hot weather is a priority. There are many tricks in order of keeping your pooch hydrated and cool, Aussie Pooch Mobile can assist with this issue on 1300 369 369. 

If your dog is acting unusual, then check to see if the heat is bothering him/ her. In the image below it displays signs of dehydration within the appearance of different parts of a dogs body.


Here are 8 tips on keeping your dog cool over summer.                                                       1. Don’t leave your pet in an unattended vehicle                                                                     2. Avoid walking your dog on hot surfaces                                                                               3. Supply lots of fresh clean water to your dog                                                                       4. Don’t overexercise your pet                                                                                                 5. Apply sunscreen to your dogs skin and fur, for sun protection                                           6. Allow your dog to stand in a cool pool                                                                                 7. Walk your pet during cooler times of the day                                                                     8. Provide a proper outdoor shelter


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