How to adjust your dog to a new home

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Moving into a new home is something that most people will do at least once in their lifetime. If you have a dog during this time, you should understand the fact that this event will be stressful for them as well. Being in a new, different environment can be intimidating and scary for your dog. It is your job to help them adjust to the move in order to make them more comfortable. If you aren’t sure how to do this, continue reading. This article will discuss some of the best ways to help your dog adjust to the move.


  1. Take them to a dog care centre before moving into the new home

A good strategy for helping your dog adjust to a new home is to take them to a dog care centre beforehand. Essentially, some people who are getting ready to move will take their dog to a dog care centre so that they can be in a comfortable, fun environment. Then, after a few days or after all of your belongings are moved into the new home, you can pick your dog up and bring them directly there. Although they will notice that they are in a different setting, it won’t be as hard on them as it would be if you took them to the new home and then began the stress of moving all your things in. Also, if the new home is set up similarly to your old home in regards to furniture and other things, it won’t be as overwhelming on your pet.


  1. Get them out of the house if there are people working inside

If you choose to use the method talked about previously, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, if that is not an option then you should make sure you remove your dog from the home if there are people working inside. People helping you move or working on the new home will scare the heck out of your dog. If you know that people are going to be around the house often, you should take your dog out on walks or leave them with a family member.


  1. Be around your dog

Being around your dog is one of the most important parts of helping them adapt to a new home. The last thing that you want your dog to think is that you have abandoned them in a strange place. What this means is, don’t leave them alone in the house all day during the first few weeks. Let them get used to the environment and make sure that they understand that they are in a safe place prior to leaving them alone in the new home. You are the most important thing in their world. Being around them will help them feel better during the stressful event.


  1. Let them explore your new home

Another important part of getting your dog used to a new home is to let them explore. Don’t trap them in a room, let them wander the area. Dogs are curious creatures and like to be aware of their surroundings. If there are some areas that you don’t want your dog to get into, be sure to block them off. Or, you can explore the new home with your dog on a leash so that you can have better control of where they go.


  1. Be extra comforting

As we talked about before, moving is a big deal for dogs. They are going to be going through a lot of emotional distress during the event. Therefore, you need to be extra comforting to your dog during this time. Make sure that you are showing your dog love and affection. Reward them with treats more often than you usually would. Play or throw the ball with them a lot. Just make sure that you are keeping them happy and making sure that your dog is having fun so that they won’t be thinking about the move.


  1. Be aware of the possibilities

Being aware of the possible consequences of moving is important for dog owners. First of all, be aware of diet changes. Due to the fact that the move will be so stressful for your dog, they may change their eating habits. Be sure to take steps to help them get back into the routine of eating. Show them exactly where their food bowl is as they might forget. Another event that you should be prepared for is to bathroom issues. The stress from this event can be hard on your dog’s stomach and can cause them to go to the bathroom in the new home. If this happens, be understanding and don’t be too hard on your pet. Another thing you should prepare for and take actions to prevent from happening is for your dog to try to run away. Your dog will be in an upset emotional state and this may give them the idea that they want to run away. Take steps to prevent these things from happening.


  1. Get them back into the routine

Get your dog back into a normal routine. At your old home, your dog became used to eating at a certain time, going to the bathroom, going for walks, or whatever else they did on a daily basis. Get them back into this routine early on in order to help them adjust. All in all, don’t forget about your dog when you move. Although moving can be hard on you as well, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that your dog will depend on you for comfort.


Thank you to Abby Drexler for writing this blog post for us. Abby is a contributing writer and media specialist for Pop Your Pup. She regularly produces content for pet blogs dealing with how to care for and love your pet just like this one!


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