Protect your dog in a wild world

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protecting your dog wildlife bush walksDogs love to get down and dirty by playing outside, but it’s important to monitor your pet’s behavior and protect your dog from the dangers of nature. If you’re not careful or aware, your dog may get sick, or come home in desperate need of cleaning. A study of dogs in Central Queensland found that 25% of the dogs tested showed signs of having hookworms which can be acquired through contact with wild dogs. You can protect your dog from worms buy giving them regular worming medication. Ask your local Aussie Pooch Mobile operator or vet about this today.  It’s important to take care of your dog and keep an eye on their behavior outdoors to minimize these risks and ensure they are not getting into dangerous situations.

Protect your dog in bush land

It can be tempting to let your dog off their lead when taking them out for a walk, but you must be careful. When walking in or near bush land there is nothing you can do if your dog chases off after a wild animal. A fight with a wild animal, such as a wild dog, can lead to your pet suffering from serious injuries including possible bone breaks or worse. Even smaller animals like a Rakali (Australia water rat) or a black-footed tree-rat can scratch or bite your dog, breaking the skin and drawing blood. These risks are especially significant for larger dogs, whose lack of agility may leave them more susceptible to bites.

Your dog and wildlife

In addition to risks posed to your dog itself, your dog may also be a risk to wildlife. Dog’s attacking wild life is the second most-common cause of harm to wildlife. First is of course getting hit by cars. It is also noteworthy that 50% more incidents with dogs and wildlife have been reported then with house cats and wildlife. It looks like dog’s are the bad guys in this dog-cat scenario. Although house cats often go out at night and this leaves us not knowing what wildlife they have harmed. How about we leave you to be the judge for this cat vs dog battle.

Not all dangers are visible

Ok back to the serious talk… One of the biggest risks to your dog when it encounters wildlife is one you can’t even see. When bitten or scratched by a wild animal or rodent, your dog can easily contract a disease. You can protect your dog from external risks like ticks as they can be spotted by thoroughly checking your dog’s skin. If your dog was in bush land or high grass, you should also be wary of internal parasites and viruses. Smaller wildlife like rats are particularly prone to carrying viruses which can infect your dog. The risk associated with consuming small rodents also exposes dogs to infection, so be sure to keep them properly and nutritiously fed so they don’t have the urge to dine on what they find!

Ugh, you stink!

Although not as dangerous as some of the other risks your dog may be exposed to, it’s still not fun to have a smelly dog jumping on your lap. Whether it’s chasing after an animal and getting covered in their musk, or chasing after wildlife through unclean areas, letting your dog run free can lead to a terrible mess. Call Aussie Pooch Mobile on 1300 369 369 if your furry friend is in need of a bath.

In conclusion…

To protect your dog keep an eye on them when out and about, especially when visiting bush land areas. Furthermore it is safer to keep them leashed. Around the house, use fencing to keep wildlife out of your yard and away from your dog. With the proper precautions, you’ll have a fit and happy pooch by your side.


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