Kokoda trek for mental health

In a remarkable display of determination and compassion, our Managing Director, Paul Walters, has recently completed the challenging Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, for mental health. This gruelling 156km journey over 9 days not only tested physical endurance but also served as a powerful fundraiser for the Black Dog Institute, an organisation dedicated to mental health awareness and research.

Paul is no stranger to supporting mental health causes, with previous endeavours including climbing Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and participating in events like One Foot Forward, all raising funds for the Black Dog Institute. This year’s Kokoda Track trek for mental health presented a more arduous challenge, requiring months of intense training and preparation.

We are thrilled to share that Paul and his team not only met but exceeded their fundraising goal, raising over $205,000! The commitment and support from the Aussie Pooch Mobile team and their network of supporters have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Paul documented his entire journey on a dedicated Facebook page, giving us a glimpse into the highs and lows of his training, the trek itself, and the emotional aftermath. It’s been more than just a physical challenge; it’s been a profound experience, connecting with the history, culture, and resilient spirit of the people along the Kokoda Track.

Paul expressed his pride in being part of a cause that contributes significantly to mental health research and education. Beyond the numbers, he highlighted the incredible support he received throughout the journey. It became a reminder of our natural instinct to support those in need.

Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash is lucky to have a leader like Paul, truly embodying our motto, ‘We Care.’ His dedication to mental health advocacy and the successful completion of the Kokoda Track are inspiring.

As we celebrate Paul’s remarkable achievement, let us also continue to raise awareness about mental health and support initiatives that make a positive impact on individuals and communities.


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