Pamper your pooch at Aussie Pooch Perth Dog Grooming Salon. Our team of experienced professionals provides a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for your pet. We offer a wide variety of services

Basic Pet Trim (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Giant)
Basic comfort groom which leaves you pooch short and tidy all over.  Best option for easy maintenance.
Prices start from $90 
Full Style Groom (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Giant)

Have your pooch looking stylish with our longer style clip. Perfect for the teddy look, asian fusion and breed specific trims.

Prices start from $105

Full Deshed and Breed Trim (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Giant)

For your double coated breeds our full deshed and breed trim service will remove excess undercoat and give your pooch a light trim on their furnishings. This service will leave your pooches' coat lighter and will reduce overall shedding around your home.

Prices from $90

Puppy Program

Getting your new puppy used to grooming at an early stage is vital to ensure your puppy has a lifetime of positive experience associated with grooming.Our puppy introductions have been designed to get your puppy used to all grooming equipment and the salon environment. We will work with your puppy to create a positive association with grooming by introducing things when they are ready and with lots of cuddles and treats.

Puppies can begin after 10 days after their last vaccination and are recommended to come in monthly until they are approximately 7 months old or when they receive their first full groom . Prices start from $55

Matted Coats

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of maintaining your dog.  Sometimes this can get out of control and your dog’s skin is now covered in its own compacted coat, so much so that you can no longer feel the skin through the hair. This is a pelted coat, and will need to be shaved by our more experienced groomers. This is a very dangerous process and should only be attempted by professionals.

As we need to go slow and steady and use multiple blades and products to keep your dog comfortable, this service comes at an extra charge of $100 in addition to the standard groom price for your pet.

$100 per hour for all breeds
All our Perth dog grooming salon services include a warm hydrobath with our premium shampoo and conditioner range, our signature pooch facial and full body massage, aromatherapy, full blowdry, ear and eye clean and nail trim.


Your head groomers Emily and Karen have over 20 years of experience in the grooming industry and with Aussie Pooch Mobile. Our focus is to provide high quality work in a calm and positive environment for your pooch and our salon has been designed to keep your pooch happy and calm during their grooming process. We know busy salon environments can be stressful for your pooch so we have designed our salon to have an indoor and outdoor areas with lots of safe space so they will feel relaxed and safe while attending our salon.


Pampering your pet with love and care. We provide exceptional pet grooming services that will make your furry friend look and feel their best. From bathing and brushing to nail trimming and styling, we offer a variety of services to meet all of your pet's grooming needs. So come visit us today for the best in pet grooming!



Phone: 0423929966

Email - apmwasalon@gmail.com

Salon Address: 54 Ballantine Rd Warwick WA 6024 



Please enquire direct with your local operator if you are looking for Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming Service.