Dog Toy Tips

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Below you will find a bunch of dog toy tips and also the benefits that toys provide for your best friend. Dog toys do much more than just entertain our canine companions. They really are essential to our dogs’ physical, mental and emotional well being.

So, what are the best dog toys? Well, there is no simple answer to that question, since it all depends on the individual likes and requirements of your furry friend.


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  • Alleviate boredom and separation anxiety
  • Provide mental stimulation
  • Discourage destructive behaviour
  • Serve as a positive outlet for pent-up physical energy
  • Encourage socialisation
  • Exercise jaw muscles
  • Increase the bond between you and your dog
  • Promote dental health


Safety Dog Toy Tips

Here are some dog toy tips to help make your dog’s playtime as safe as it is entertaining:
  • Don’t choose toys with any small parts
  • Be sure the toy is durable enough for your dog’s chewing strength and level of play
  • If your dog likes to attack squeakers or pull out stuffing, avoid toys that contain these hazards
  • Make sure the toy is made specifically for dogs
  • If your dog tries to tear or shred the toy, replace it with a more durable choice
  • “Dog proof’ the toys by removing any potential choking hazards, such as string, ribbons or buttons
  • Get rid of a toy as soon as it becomes broken, torn, chipped or damaged in any way


Rotating Dog Toys

Another great dog toy tip from Aussie Pooch Mobile is to rotate your pooches toys regularly. It is a well known fact that we are all short on time now a days but our dogs shouldn’t have to suffer from their lack of walking or play time. Did you know that rotating their toys once a week can help prevent them from becoming bored? Boredom is the number one reason for behavioural issues in dogs.


Aussie Pooch Mobile operators have a range of doggy toys available to suit your dogs needs, so feel free to ask them at your next appointment.
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