The terrible two’s

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dog holding shoesWhen you think about it, our dogs can also require some ‘taming’ at times too. Just as we all mature at different stages, your dog is the same. This means that at some stage you will go through some trying times with them, but how you handle it will determine your level of success at the end of the day. You will note that there are many puppy preschools around to start the learning process early, as it has been identified that just because our dogs have been domesticated, doesn’t mean that they are lacking in intelligence.

If you can get your puppy into a puppy preschool as soon as possible, you will limit the amount of stress that you encounter by shaping the pup’s behaviour from the beginning for a great outcome as an older dog.

That doesn’t mean that you will totally avoid demanding and destructive behaviour – they are dogs and they will try to get the best option possible, as they are opportunists. With all the breeding that we have done over the years with our dogs, we have never been able to breed out of them their pack mentality.

By going to a professional trainer, you will learn to communicate to your dog in a manner that it will understand. Just as we all drive cars, we aren’t all mechanics so even though your friend, neighbour or family member is giving you advice on how to interact or train your dog, it is important to understand that your dog is an individual and so is your family. A professional trainer will endeavour to identify the dynamics of the family relationship and will make a program for you to work with that will be conducive to your environment and lifestyle. Your family and friends may have the best intentions with giving you advice but it is best to have a specifically made program for your individual situation.

When young women first fall pregnant, there are many more mature ladies to give them advice as to how to raise their babies, but at the end of the day, the young mother must do her best to make the baby safe, secure and shape the baby’s behaviour to be a nice child using her own techniques that work within her family unit.

The same can be said when you are dealing with your dog. If we can go to industry professionals to get advice on raising our children to keep them happy and safe, shouldn’t we also do the same for our dogs? They are members of our families and they also need their behaviour rectified at times.

dog stayThe ‘terrible two’s’ can be a trying time for pet owners but with a little direction, you can survive it and come out the other side with a nicely behaved furry family member that is a joy to have around. Ask your Aussie Pooch Mobile Operator for a reputable trainer in your area.

(Article courtesy Tracey Murray

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