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Regular grooming of your dog is a must, particularly in the warmer spring and summer months.

As spring starts to warm up, dogs will begin to moult and lose their winter coats. If this fur is not removed as it starts to drop out, it will start to clump, or matt up in longer, fuller coated breeds. As it thickens this fur acts as an insulator, or a big blanket, not allowing fresh air to the skin causing overheating and itching and can create underlying skin problems.

This can be detrimental to the health of older or obese dogs that can tend to find it hard to cope with the heat during summer.

With regular brushing the dead coat can be stripped out as it starts to drop, leaving the skin invigorated, and the coat clean and healthy. Aussie Pooch Operators have access to various deshedding tools and brushes to suit all breeds and coats. Regular checks by the operators can also help to detect any ear and skin problems early.

Many dogs can be prone to these sorts of conditions due to grass seeds, pollens, humidity and other outside factors that come with spring. With Aussie Pooch Mobile’s great range of shampoos and conditioners your dog’s skin and coat will look and feel great all year round.

dog washAnother alternative is to have your dog clipped for the summer months. Although there are many breeds that traditionally would not get clipped (for example border collies, retrievers, shepherds etc.), you may find that clipping back older and/or obese dogs once again helps them stay comfortable in hot conditions. A clip/trim in early to mid spring will see them through the summer and ensure that the coat thickens up again as the cooler months come around. Some of these dogs may benefit from a second clip early in the New Year.

With many of the small, designer dogs now on the market, grooming has become more time consuming than ever before. Many owners of these breeds do not have the time to manage the grooming of their dog due to other commitments and it tends to get out of hand. The dog ends up matted and uncomfortable.

Handing this responsibility over to your Aussie Pooch Operator will ensure that the dog’s coat is managed and that the health and wellbeing of the dog is maintained. Regular bathing and grooming between clips/trimming will help to alleviate matting and skin conditions.

Talk to your Aussie Pooch Operator about the best options to ensure your dog’s comfort during this coming summer. (Article courtesy Deb Harris)

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