Five health tips for your dog

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1. Your dog’s annual check-up
A nose to tail exam can help your veterinarian spot and treat health issues in the early stages.

2. Brush those pearly whites
Pledge to brush your dog’s teeth regularly and keep an eye out for signs of gum disease like swelling or discoloration. Look for healthy toys and treats to help with teeth cleaning. Ask your veterinarian for tips on good dental care.

3. Watch your dog’s weight
Extra weight on a pet can result in health problems. Cut down on table scraps and use a well-balanced dog food.

4. Get your pooch moving
Is your dog getting enough exercise to stay fit? Take a walk or play fetch and enjoy time together.

5. Look after your dog’s coat
Having your dog professionally washed regularly will ensure his coat is kept in top condition and your dog will love the attention he receives. Especially those yummy Pooch Cookies. Speak with your Aussie Pooch operator today!

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