BIG DOG V’s little dog

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I have spent a lot of time quietly observing the human/dog world over many years only to notice there seems to be a small controversy between small breeds and the bigger dog community.

We are more frightened of a big dog, are more likely to get scared and run away when a big dog comes bounding toward us and are always implying that the bigger dogs of our society are more threatening than their smaller counterpart.

Hello, in-denial!

We’ve all come face to face with a lunging, growling, snapping Maltese Terrier or small dog alike and it never ceases to amaze me at how oblivious we stay to their threatening behavior.

Behaviors we might view as dangerous, threatening or dominating from bigger dogs are accepted, encouraged and tolerated in the little ones e.g. jumping up, sitting on furniture, pulling on the lead, growling, nipping, ignorance, stubbornness and even that yappy bark is thought of as cute.

But is this fair?

There is a very good reason small dogs also go by the name of yappy, snappy, lap and protective dogs’, a reputation they have earned and one which is commonly accepted.

A small dog seems less of a threat for that exact reason ‘everything about it is small’ except for one thing, its meaning in life.

Humans are treating small breed dogs as babies, nurturing them and using them to fulfill an emptiness or desire one may have. Whilst the human selfishly fulfills their own needs, the dog’s needs get passed by.

The reality is that although there are physical differences between dogs, their minds are all wired to work in the same way. Endeavour to interpret it’s instincts and modify it’s behaviour. Be sure to give your dog the discipline it needs, no matter the size.

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