Ear conditions in dogs

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Country dogs often get grass seeds down the ears, causing a head standing, mind-bursting tickle. The onset is sudden and the vet should be seen as soon as possible; grass seeds left down the ear can cause long-term chronic ear problems.


Especially with dogs who sleep in close proximity to cats, ear mites can be a problem. Invisible to the naked eye, these creepy-crawlies, often buried in wax, cause a tickle by doing a dance down the ear canal. This condition can be diagnosed with the microscope and the vet will prescribe suitable drops.

Hemorrhage In The Earflap

This causes it to swell up like a balloon, and usually only occurs in older dogs who have some chronic ear trouble. Plagued by a bad ear, they shake their heads a lot, rupturing one of the ear’s tiny blood vessels. Surgery is usually needed in such a case.

Local Allergic Reaction

Sometimes the bare underside of the earflap becomes irritated by something in the environment such as grasses and goes red and hot. The dog shakes its head because of the irritation and may start trouble further down the ear. A call to your vet would be suggested.

Putting In Ear Drops

Sometimes ears do not get better under treatment because owners do not put the drops or ointment in correctly. They often flatten the ear across the top of the head so the ear canal closes and the drops do not go to the bottom where they are needed. If you hold the ear up vertically by the tip, this opens up the canal so the drops hit the spot. Then you should massage the base of the ear where you will hear a squelching sound, indicating the drops have collected in the right place.

Ears- One Up One Down

This condition is often due to teething as it seems the local pain in the mouth causes the muscles that make the ears stand up to not function properly. Some pups’ ears can end up in bizarre position where they are so erect that they cross over while others end up with one ear up and one ear down.

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