Helping dogs in need

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The Aussie Pooch Mobile (APM) philosophy of ‘We Care’ not only relates to cleaning and caring for dogs, it is strongly tied to caring and helping the community, with APM operators throwing themselves relentlessly into helping out for charity.

RSPCA Victoria has recently been involved in a large rescue at an East Gippsland ex-breeding establishment.

There were approximately 62 dogs of all breeds and sizes as well as a menagerie of other badly treated animals rescued and transported to the RSPCA Peninsula shelter in Pearcedale. The RSPCA animal welfare team and inspectors are doing everything they can to provide the extensive care that is needed by these animals.

Some of the dogs were badly matted, but most were just incredibly dirty and are suffering from what you would expect after living in such filthy conditions – urine / faeces on coats, long nails, dirty ears etc.

RSPCA Victoria contacted Aussie Pooch Mobile to help bath and pamper the rescued dogs as they had done in similar situation in Brisbane a few years ago.

Given the existing relationship between the RSPCA and Aussie Pooch Mobile through Million Paws Walk, the call came out to see if we could get some of our team to help out and volunteer their services in order to groom these dogs and help the RSPCA in the task of restoring them to good health.

We were quick to put the call out and our local Aussie Pooch Mobile representatives and franchisees answered the call with Caitlin Rose from Mornington, Gemma Taylor from Cranbourne and Louise Collins from Frankston all helping to pamper the rescued pooches.

Louise says, “it was great to be able to give some comfort to those poor pooches.”

If you would like to adopt a dog from the RSPCA please call the shelter on 03 5978 9000.

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