Odour Control for Dogs

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While there’s nothing better than cuddling and playing with your dog, you have to admit that sometimes he really, really smells. But what causes the smell?

“The smell comes from surface skin oils that have become rancid due to the normal skin bacteria and yeast feeding on them. Also, dogs seem to find some repulsive things quite attractive and will seek them out and roll in them,” explains Aussie Pooch Mobile Founder, Chris Taylor.

Some breeds have had their coats modified through domestication and their self-cleaning abilities have changed too. Breeds such as Bulldogs, Pugs and Sharpies have excessive skin folds that trap grime and cause odour and irritation.

\Warm, humid conditions create a more inviting environment on the skin for bacterial and fungal growth, hence increasing the need for bathing. Breeds such as the Samoyed and Malamute have thick double coats adapted to cold climates and do not cope as well in temperate or tropical areas.

“If your pooch is prone to being ‘on the nose’ regular washing, grooming (including cleaning ears and eyes) and brushing is essential. Special shampoo formulas including aroma care rinses can also help leave your dog smelling great,” explains Chris.

“Wash his bedding regularly as well as his collar and use a doggy deodoriser in his area and on his coat.”

“Regular washing also has a two-fold benefit,” says Chris. “It not only keeps your dog from being smelly, but keeps him healthy by getting rid of fleas and keeping his coat in top condition.”

What you feed your dog can also affect his smell so opt for dog food that is nutritionally balanced.

And if the smell just won’t go away, check his teeth and ears as dental disease and ear infections can be particularly stinky. If your dog is suffering from either, it’s best to take him to the vet.

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