Fight summer fleas

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Fleas and other nasties love warm weather.

Summer means more outdoor exploring time for pets. Unfortunately it’s also the time for blood sucking parasites. During cooler months flea eggs lay dormant, but the warmer weather & vibrations around them cause eggs to hatch.

Pets that haven’t had ongoing flea treatment are very susceptible to fleas during this period. As pet groomers we see huge infestations in summer.

Fleas not only cause your pet great discomfort, the flea saliva can trigger serious & painful skin infections, inflammation & allergies, resulting in scratching & hair loss that can result in expensive trips to the vet & possible doses of antibiotics, steroids or antihistamines.

Fleas also bring tapeworms that live in the intestinal tracts of dogs, cats & people.

Adult fleas that you see on your pet make up only 5% of the flea population. If you see five fleas there are another 95 in various stages of growth in the environment.

Flea eggs, larvae, pupae & adult fleas reside in your home, in carpets & pet bedding, clothing & soft furnishings. They can be bought inside on your shoes, clothes & body.


Breaking the flea cycle, by treating both your home & pet, is essential.

Wash pets’ bedding, clothing & furniture covers in hot water & apply a veterinary product for fleas to all of your pets. Apply insecticide to every nook & cranny in your house.

Regular bathing and grooming is also recommended.

Its very important to treat your home & your pets on the same day.

Prevention remains the best form of treatment

Save time & money by keeping flea & egg numbers low.

Preventative treatments for your home & pets before the flea season outbreak will not only save you time & money but will ensure that your best friend stays happy & healthy.

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