Caring for dogs in prolonged wet conditions

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Too much water makes for a trying time for everyone including our four legged friends.

Below is the type of things that dogs may be affected by due to the wet. And how they can be helped and prevented. Your local Aussie Pooch Operator can help you with many of these things and is always happy to provide friendly helpful advice.

Dirty Dogs: Your dog will need a thorough wash. Aussie Pooch Mobile travels to your home in their fully equipped mobile unit to hydrobath your dog in a warm water wash that gets down into the dogs coat, massaging and taking away any dirt and grime. The hydrobath system also only uses 15 – 20 litres of water. Unlike traditional bathing methods which can use up to 5 times more than this. A clean dog with less water used to ensure we are not adding to the already soaked ground.


APM has a range of shampoos, conditioners, aromatherapy and deodorisers to best suit your dog’s needs. Your dog will be blow dried and deodorized and given a Yummy Doggy Treat to complete the service.

Fleas:- will be around with the water going down and the sun out so you can expect a flea infestation. Prevent this as much as you can with regular washes and flea treatments.

Ticks:- are out there and the Vets say 2 weeks after rain they are at their worst so please carry out regular checks all over their body and be sure to place your dog on tick prevention treatments.

Skin Allergies/Hot Spots:- In humid wet weather yeast problems can appear on the dog’s skin this can be detected by red skin and a yeasty smell. This may be one raw hot spot or a series of red rashes under the dogs belly or armpits etc.

APM Coal Tar shampoo or a similar medicated shampoo is best for this situation. Clipping the hair away in affected areas may be of benefit. If after a few washes the smell/spot is still there you should look to seek a Vets advice.

Grass Seed Allergies:- With all the longer grass around your dog may be effected by various grass seed allergies. This is where it is important to keep your dog in a dry area and if you do see allergies on the skin then treat with a medicated shampoo or the APM Coal Tar.

Flies/Mosquitoes:- Your dogs could be scratching because they are just in need of a bath or the wet weather also brings midges/mosquitoes so they could be biting them. A regular wash will help this situation and your APM operator also has repellant available for you to use in between washes.

Cane Toads and Snakes:- Cane toads and snakes will be in abundance now and dogs may chase these. Dogs may be intrigued by the movement and catch them and subsequently be poisoned by them.

Coat Care:- To help your dog get its coat back to good condition it is essential that we wash, groom and clip where necessary.

Ears:- make sure they are dry and check for smell.

Water:- If your dog is used to clean fresh water then their water should be boiled to help prevent tummy problems or loose bowels.

Biscuits/Food:- If they look or smell mouldy they should be thrown out as not to make them sick. Try and keep to the same type of food or introduce a new range gradually to help prevent stomach upsets.

Heartworm:- should be kept up monthly or yearly. With the water sitting around as a mosquito breeding ground, you need to have your dog covered.

Worms:- regular worming is essential to keep your dog healthy.

Vaccinations: It is essential to have your dog up to date with its vaccinations. Parvo and kennel cough are two things which your dog’s vaccinations can prevent.

Housing Outside Pets:- If you have been kind enough to house someone else’s pet while they are in need, please be aware to check the health of all the animals as an outside animal may have come in with an infection which can be passed onto your pet. Eg. Kennel Cough. This why it is so important to have the animals vaccinated.

Kennel Cleaning and Dry bedding:– Your dogs, like the rest of us, will be sick of the wet. To help prevent or clear up any issues, it is essential that they have a clean environment and have dry bedding. APM has a kennel disinfectant that is available to help.

Be your Dog’s Best Friend

You are your dog’s best guide and you should keep an eye out for fleas, allergies, frothing of mouth (from cane toads), lethargy, weakness in limbs, loose bowel motions etc. If you are concerned at all you should seek medical advice from a Vet.

For further advice or to book a service for your dog please phone Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash on 1300 369 369 or visit You can also find us on Facebook where regular tips and hints will be posted