Christmas presents for your pooch

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Thank your furry friends for being cuddly companions!

Christmas Dog Holding StockingWant to hang a stocking for your pet? Or wrap a new rhinestone collar and place it under the tree so your dog can open it on Christmas morning? Knock yourself out.

In survey after survey, the vast majority of pet owners say they treat their dogs and cats like a member of the family. And how could you leave any beloved member of the family out of the holiday festivities? According to statistics, 63% of dog owners and 58% of people with cats give their pets Christmas presents.

Here’s some more stats..

40% of dog owners and 37% of cat owners hang Christmas stockings for their pets.

36% of dog owners give their pets presents on their birthday, as do 20% of cat owners.

About one quarter of both dog owners (27%) and cat owners (23%) sign their pet’s name on greeting cards or notes.

64% of pet owners said they include news about their pet, and 36% include a photograph in their holiday cards.

About 27% of pet owners claim to have taken their pet to a professional photographer to have a picture taken with family, Santa, or the Easter Bunny.

jack-russell-terrier-christmas-2So ask your Aussie Pooch Mobile operator today about the great gifts they have available for your family pet.

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