Good dog grooming

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With the warm weather here it is time to make sure you dog’s coat is in excellent condition to reduce shedding and keep it mat free for the months ahead.

Below are some tips to keep your dog well groomed in between baths.

It’s important to introduce regular dog grooming into your pooch’s routine. The earlier you begin the better. Grooming should be as important as any other obedience training you are going to provide. Grooming has many benefits, along with a nice coat, your dog can be checked for ticks, fleas, teeth, mouth care and it also ensures your dog is comfortable in being handled all over. This will help if ever he is injured and when visiting the Vet for regular check ups.

Dog grooming should be set at a time when you are able to sit and be patient about it. In the evening after your dog is over the initial excitement of seeing you, you have had some play time, your dog has been fed and is content and quiet is a great time for grooming. Grooming should become a positive experience for both of you.

Paw Care

To help with paw care, a great trick to teach your dog is to sit and shake hands. This makes an important handling need into a game which you and your dog will enjoy.

To prepare your dog for having its paws handled, start by holding his paw for 5 – 10 seconds, then look to increase the time gradually and separating and holding each toe. Reward your dog with a ‘Good Dog’ or a small treat when he is calm and allows you to hold his paw.

Do not play “cat and mouse” with your dog’s paws as this will encourage biting and chewing of your fingers. If your dog does begin chewing on your fingers, just ignore it or say a firm ‘No’. He will soon settle and allow you to rub his feet. If he continually wins the struggle you lose the battle and he will always know that he can get away with things.

Coat Care

Some dogs, due to their length of coat, will need more brushing than others, some may even need hair clipping.

A little time spent a few times a week will see a long coated dog staying more comfortable and short coated breeds will also love the extra attention. Brushing, when carried out correctly has a massaging effect and is something that dogs enjoy, especially because it means more time with you!

It is a good idea to make a place where your dog is to be brushed, this way he will know it is grooming time and that he is expected to behave in a certain manner.

Some helpful tips… Keep your dog grooming sessions short and frequent to begin. If your dog tries to bite and growl at the brush, although this can be very cute at the time, now is not play time and it should not be treated as a game. A firm ‘No’ should be used to discourage playful and/or naughty behaviour. Remember to reward him for correct behaviour.

There are a wide range of dog grooming tools available for detangling and deshedding (removing dead hair during moulting), for all coat types. Your Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash operator will be able to provide best grooming and clipping advice and/or supply grooming brushes/tools and also demonstrate to you how to brush your dog in between baths.

Face, Mouth, Ear & Eye Care

You will need to get your dog used to having his face, mouth, ears and eyes handled.

Puppies, especially, love chewing on things as they are teething and you will need to be able to inspect his mouth in case of loose teeth or sore gums. Checking on a dog’s dental hygiene is a must throughout his life. Ears and eyes also need to be checked regularly.

Rubbing gently over all parts of your dog is relaxing for him. When you are patting him simply extend this to lifting up his lips and opening his mouth, looking in his eyes and rubbing in and outside his ears gently. Talking gently to him in a soothing manner helps keep him calm and he will love the attention.

Don’t forget that getting in early and regularly with your dog’s grooming can ensure you both enjoy the experience for many years. A clean, well groomed dog is a happy dog and much more pleasant to have around than a matted, smelly dog who leaves endless hair around for you to sweep up.

For further help and advice on everything dog grooming, speak with your Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash operator.

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