Benefits of having 2 dogs

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mobile dog groomingFor pet lovers, adding another set of paws to the family can be inevitable and exciting.

There are several advantages to adding a second dog to the family. These benefits include…


Two dogs in the family can provide each other with companionship while you are away at work or play. Multiple-dog owners see a strong bond form between the dogs since dogs are essentially pack animals and are naturally attuned to pack living.

Moreover it is good for a dog to have a companion of his own species. No human will be able to run as much as a dog, participate in play fights and communicate through barking.

Training Easier with Second Dog

Training a second dog is much easier than training the first. As pack animals they learn by example. Potty training, commands and walk training is easier for the new dog as it has an example to learn from.

More Fun

Probably the single most sited benefit by multiple dog owners is that two dogs provide you with twice the fun and entertainment.

More Exercise

Play fighting, a natural activity for any dog, is one of the best ways dogs can burn off energy and stay fit with exercise. A single dog simply can’t play fight alone.

mobile dog groomerYounger Dog Rejuvenates Older Dog

Younger dogs naturally have more energy and can revitalize an older dog, adding to its daily life and possibly even extending the older dog’s lifespan.

‘Having another doggy friend for your dog will add to your and its life’.

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