5 fun things to do with your dog this Easter

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mobile dog groomer1. Give your dog an Easter basket – Like with any Easter basket, you, of course, start with the actual basket. Since this is for your dog, you might want to skip the traditional wicker basket and keep it simpler. You could buy a brand new food dish and use this as your basket. Now for the goodies. It doesn’t have to be big and it certainly should not have candy or chocolate in it (see previous blog post on why chocolate can be fatal for dogs). Instead, it should have dog treats, kibble, and toys. Don’t have extra money for treats or new toys? That’s fine. Throw some dog food in a baggie or buy just one small can of wet dog food and he’ll think it’s a treat. And never underestimate the power of your dog’s favourite toy. Just throw his favourite toy in the basket and he will be more than happy to see it.

2. Create an Easter egg hunt – Fill a few plastic eggs with a little bit of kibble, healthy biscuits, or any smelly treat your dog loves. Get her in a sit, stay position or lock her out of the room while you hide the eggs. You shouldn’t hide them above your dog’s eye level, unless they have an amazing tracking nose. Once you have hidden all the eggs, let her back in the room to begin the fun of the hunt.

Note: You may need to help your pup once in a while, especially with food or treats that don’t have a strong scent. And be sure to take the egg away from your dog as soon as she retrieves the treat to avoid her eating the plastic egg as well. If she doesn’t show interest in finding the eggs, ditch the eggs and just place treats around the house and watch your dog find those.

3. Go for a stroll in the park – Whether it’s the dog park or just a neighbourhood park, you’re dog will love some afternoon exercise. Taking your dog out for a walk to burn some energy is also a great way to prepare them to behave for any guests you may be expecting. You will be surprised at how well your dog will listen to you and remain calm (despite all the Easter excitement) once they are exhausted from some good exercise.

4. Play fetch with a rabbit – Not a real rabbit of course, but a squeaky toy or stuffed toy will do just fine. If your dog doesn’t fetch then it might be a great time to teach them.

mobile dog grooming5. Take an Easter photo – Grab some fluffy bunny ears from your local discount store and place them on your dogs head. You can even place their Easter basket in front of them to add more to the Easter theme. This is however easier said than done so good luck! If you do manage to get that photo, or even if you don’t and get your pooch pulling the ears from their head, make sure you email us your pic to newsletters@aussiepm.com.au or post it on our Facebook page and enter into our monthly photo comp.

For all your treat and toy needs, please talk to your local Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash groomer and they will be able to help you out!

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