Arthritis in dogs

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Arthritis is a common medical condition that affects one or more joints. One in five people in Australia will suffer from arthritis and surprisingly it affects dogs too. Around 30% of dogs will suffer from degenerative arthritis in their lifetime.

Symptoms for arthritis in your pooch could include:

  • limping
  • reluctant to move when laying down
  • abnormal posture
  • tiredness
  • stiffness in legs (especially when cold or after sleeping)
  • licking joints
  • aggression

Arthritis is not a condition that can be completely cured but treatment is easy! The pain and discomfort can be very effectively controlled and managed.

Treatment for arthritis in your pooch could include:

  • Weight Control – It’s crucial that you keep an eye on your dog’s weight. It’s important that they have a stable, healthy diet and aren’t under or overweight. It will make your pooch more comfortable and can extend their life an extra two years! If your dog is overweight it could strain their muscles and could put them in pain because of their arthritis.
  • Exercise – Exercise is just as important as giving your dog a healthy diet. Short, gentle, daily walks are great for your pet’s joints and will prevent them from stiffening. Swimming is a good way to make your dog comfortable and have fun while still keeping them fit.
  • Home Environment – Throughout winter or colder days, it’s important to keep your pooch warm. Make their bed padded and warm so they can be at their most comfortable. Also ensure their bed is above the ground with extra blankets. If you have slippery floors, place non-slip rugs and mats down to prevent them from slipping.

If you’re still concerned for your dog’s joints, book an appointment for your local vet or here at Aussie Pooch we sell different joint support products for your pooch! Just ask your friendly, local operator.

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