How to take great photos of your dog

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Those lovable furry creatures who make our lives so full of fun and fur.

How do you take a picture of your pet that looks great and captures them at their best? After reading these tips and tricks, you’ll go from pet snapshots to pet masterpieces.

Turn off the flash
Many people complain that their dogs hate the camera and often put on their most miserable expressions. Flashing lights are very unpleasant to anyone and you can’t explain to your dog that they have to keep their eyes open for the picture.

Posing Tips
Getting your dog to pose can be hard. The best tip we have here is to use bribery!

Bribe your dog with their favourite food or toy. It also helps if your dog knows basic commands like sit and stay.

Never punish or raise your voice at your dog while you’re trying to get them to pose for you, because that will guarantee that they shut down and look miserable.

Make your dog smile
Take them for a run or walk before the photo shoot, you will then capture them naturally panting which gives the impression of a smile!

Get on the same level as your dog
Perspective is very important when taking a good photo. Get down on your dog’s level especially for close ups. Standing up is okay when shooting at a distance, and can be done creatively.


Plan action shots
If you want good pictures of your dog in action, grab a fast lens and make sure you have good light.  If you want your dog going over a certain jump or running to catch a toy, an assistant is a good idea.

Catch them doing what they do naturally
Sometimes you just have to grab your camera and shoot what’s happening right then and there.

The camera can catch the funniest expressions. If your dog keeps looking at you, you can try to look away until they go back to their own business.

Groom your pet before the photo session
Usually you want your dog looking their best for a photo, especially a portrait. Trim or pull back hair from your dog’s eyes. If necessary, you can use a little bit of hairspray or gel to keep fur in place. Better yet, keep your dog groomed on a regular basis so that you’re always ready for pictures. Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash can help you with your dog’s grooming needs.

Go outside
Dogs often look more impressive, happier, and livelier when they are outside. Do you know a field, forest or beach where your dog can romp? If your dog is not reliable off leash, you can put a long leash on them so that you can manage a good distance to get the shots you want. You can edit the leash out of photo later, if necessary. Nothing compares to natural sunlight in bringing out the best in your dog’s’ expressions, colours and coat textures.

The most important advice
Always have fun! If you’re having a good time, your dog will too, and your pictures will capture that enjoyment.

So now that you’re equipped with some tips for getting great photos of your dogs, go out and practice!

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