First Aid for dogs!

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If you own a pet, it is always beneficial to know how to perform first aid. Most situations often only require common sense, but having more knowledge will result in a higher chance of recovery or even survival of the animal.

When dealing with an injured pet, make sure it is breathing, for a dog, the easiest pulse point is on the inside of the rear leg, towards the top. If the dog is not showing signs of consciousness, resuscitation should be carried out immediately. Sometimes just doing or not doing the simplest of things can make a big difference in the recovery rate.

Below outlines how to perform CPR on a dog;

  1. Make sure there is no blockage in the dog’s throat.
  2. Place your mouth over the airway.
  3. Blow firmly enough into the dog’s snout to lift the dog’s chest wall. If the chest rises easily, stop blowing once it has gently lifted. If you continue blowing, you may damage the dog’s lungs. Then release your lips to allow the air to escape. Aim for 20 – 30 breaths a minute, or one breath every 2 – 3 seconds.
  4. Locate the heart by laying the dog on its side and swinging its front elbow back to the point where it meets the chest wall, which is where the heart lies.
  5. Perform chest compressions.Lay your palm over the heart and press down gently but firmly. Use enough pressure to compress the chest to one-third or one-half of its depth. The compression is a quick, rapid movement: compress-release, compress-release, repeated 10 – 12 times around every 5 seconds.
  6. Stop every 2 minutes and check if the dog has resumed breathing for itself. If not, continue artificial respiration until help arrives.

In case of an emergency, make sure you seek veterinary advice.

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