Pet Insurance!

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Veterinary bills can add up when your pet is involved in an accident, that’s why it is best to be prepared and have pet insurance! Pet insurance can help pay, partly or in total, for treatment of the insured persons ill or injured

The chance your pet will need to go to the vet for more than just a routine check up at least once in it’s life is high. It is good to take into account the type of pet you have and where you live, and also take into consideration your own circumstances – could you afford the unplanned expenses if your pet is sick or injured?

Pet insurance covers a wide range of policies. This goes from accidental injury to tick paralysis to even cancer. The three main types of pet insurance policies are; accident only, accident and illness and accident, illness and routine treatment.

Some things that can change between providers is the maximum age your pet is covered until, co-payments and waiting periods. Some policies will require you to pay a percentage of the vet fees. Once you purchase a policy, you will usually be covered immediately, but your insurer may impose a waiting period.

Pet insurance is a unique way to ensure that whenever you need to, you can provide your pet with the very best of care!

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