Kid’s ‘n’ Pets; The Benefits of Children Living With Pets

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A lot of children grow up with pets and absolutely adore them. But what most people don’t know is that there are many different benefits to having a child grow up with pets, other than keeping them entertained.

Children find it easier to trust animals because they are willing to play and aren’t affected by the negatives and endearments of the real world. Pets (dogs, in particular) are also more accepting of love and special treatment that the child gives them, while many adults don’t always have the time to cater to a child’s every need and wish. Domestic animals also have a very carefree attitude which means that they are always willing to play with the child and interact with them.

Dogs-and-childrenPets give unconditional love, they don’t care how you look that day, they don’t care how much you earn an hour, which makes them the perfect companion. They can also be great role models in this area, teaching children that love doesn’t come with conditions which is a quality that the child can adopt as they grow up and enter the big wide world.

Growing up with a pet can teach a child empathy. Pets are usually very dependant animals. They require you to feed them, give them water, shelter them,  walk them (dogs) and play with them. A child learns to read what their pet is feeling; are they hungry? Tired? Thirsty? Do they want to go outside? Maybe the pet is scared and needs comforting. The child will be subconsciously taught to be aware of what others are feeling and to care for their needs.

A pet can also teach a child to be responsible. By walking and feeding a dog, the child develops the idea that they have a responsibility to care and nurture their pets which is a well sought for quality when applying for a job.

Children are just little versions of us. Which is why they also find spending time with pets therapeutic. Domestic animals provide us with emotional support when dealing with stress, anxiety or sadness, and even frustration. It is the exact same thing for children.

Little Ryan is laying in bed crying because he’s lost his robot toy when Lola, the family dog, strolls past his room to hear his crying. Lola being like most dogs has a real keen sense of emotions and goes over to Ryan crying on the bed. She jumps up onto the bed next to him and Ryan starts to pat her fur coat. After a few minutes, he’s whispering to her, how he’s sad because he’s lost his robot and he’s all of a sudden smiling because he feels like Lola is listening to him and when she licks his arm comfortingly and wags her tail he can’t help but feel better because Lola helped to cheer him up.

Pets bring out the best in children and teach them important life skills that will help them later in life. Children will become better friends, co-workers and eventually parents because their childhood pet taught them the qualities that they needed. Not only that but pets were there for them through everything, when they were angry, sad or just plain wanted to play with someone. No matter what, pets were always there. That’s why there are so many benefits to raising your child with pets.

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