Controlling Gas

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Although gas production is a natural part of the digestive process, some dogs produce more than others and are not always fun to be around! If you want to keep your dog’s gas problem under control, follow these flatulence busters. DOG-01-JE0069-01P

Flatulence (or farting) is often caused by air that is gulped down when eating too quickly. Putting a large object in your dog’s food dish will force him to slow down when eating. The object should be something that is too large for him to pick up in his mouth. A ball (relevant to his mouth size) is ideal. If you have more than one dog, feed them separately to reduce competition for food. You may also try scattering dry food around the yard so your dog will need to ‘forage’ for it.

Dogs that do not have to bend over to eat will swallow less air which means less flatulence.

Light exercise aids digestion and works out the gas while you are outside. If your dog eliminates during the walk, even better for you!

Your brand of dog food may also be the culprit particularly if it is high in soy. Change over gradually so your dog’s digestive system can adapt to the new food. Substitute about 25% new for the old food each week so that by the fourth week your dog in completely on the new food.

Add acidophilus or prozyme to your dog’s food. These products help in the digestive process and may even help eliminate gas completely.

Watch what your dog eats. Too much food at one time can cause gas, as can eating too many table scraps or extra ‘treats’.

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