Does Your Dog Need Swimming Lessons

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It’s named after them, so surely dog paddle is a way for canines to beat the heat?Just like kids the earlier you introduce your dog to water, the better. Some dogs instantly love it while others might be fearful and can take longer to become accustomed to the water.


Believe it or not, most dogs need a little extra help learning how to comfortably keep their head above water. The good news is that training a dog to swim is not a difficult task. All you need is a willing participant and calm water that is deep enough so your dog can’t touch the bottom.


Allow you dog to gradually approach the water and use a positive tone of voice with plenty of encouragement. Take several steps ahead and offer treats or a floating toy.


As paws lift off the ground, walk alongside and support your dog’s rib cage and stomach.


The key to making swimming an enjoyable activity for your dog is to give them lots of praise.


Hold their hips level with their shoulders so they are using all four legs to swim. You don’t want your dog to use only the front legs, as they will tire quickly.


Keep the first session short and show your dog the safest way to exit the water, then rinse them with fresh water. Give lots of verbal and physical praise and maybe an extra treat to help your dog associate swimming with fun and positive times.

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