25 ways to show your dog you care!

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There are many ways to show your dog you care from treats to runs along the beach. Your dog is guaranteed to know you love them with these 25 great tips.

1.Attention- On the phone? Multi-task and pat Wigglez at the same time. It only takes one hand to hold the phone. Invite Wigglez to sit with you while you watch TV or read. He’ll really appreciate being beside you and in your company.

2. Appreciation- make sure you take the time to give Spot and Dot a cuddle before you kick them off your bed or put them outside for the night. That way they know they’re still appreciated.

3. Talking- Tell Lulu all about your day, talk about anything and everything. Our dogs just love to hear our voice and they really do listen, they do! If you read to your children at night you can also invite Lulu in to hear the bed time story. She will love it.

4. Energy- Always greet Winnie the Poodle with energy. She always runs to the door to greet you all excited with her tail wagging when you arrive home, so show her the same love back.

5. Regular baths with Aussie Pooch Mobile- 2-4 weekly washes for Woofgang will show him you care as the warm hydro bath massages his skin and leaves him feeling revitalised and fresh. Hydro baths can also wash allergens away before they get a chance to penetrate the skin and cause itching or irritation.

6. Take pitch- All dogs perceive high and squeaky noises as excitement, friendly or appeasing. So use pitch when you’re talking to Pee-wee and get her a squeaky toy to play with. We have many different toys available for you to choose from.

7. Take him with you- Dogs are social creatures, they want to be with you every minute of the day and love going with you to meet other people or other dogs. Whenever you can, take Brutus on walks, to dog friendly cafes or just to visit Grandma. Wherever you go, he wants to go too.

8. Feed him the good stuff every now and again-Try adding a specialty dog food sauce to McDoggins normal meal or you can prepare a home cooked meal of lean protein and vegetables. Food scraps aren’t recommended but preparing him a healthy meal once in a while will really show you care.

9. Get on her level- You have to remember that you are a lot taller than Fluffy and sometimes that can be intimidating for her. Getting down on all fours and giving her a scratch at her level exhibits trust and equality.

10. Teach your children the appropriate dog play– Most dog bites are to children by the family dog or another dog known to the child. Make sure Pepper knows you care by teaching the children around her not to strangle her with hugs, get in her face to kiss her or pull on her tail.

11. Boundaries- We all have rules for our dogs but occasionally most of us will decide it’s ok if Scooter jumps up on the couch without being asked or not sit before he crosses the road. This is actually confusing for Scooter and the best way to show him you care is to remain constant, firm and warm in both the tone of your voice and your actions.

12. Schedule in him time– Every night before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning, schedule in time to give Spanky a tummy rub or a scratch under the neck. We get so busy we forget the little things and how much joy this will bring to the both of you.

13. Pat them where they love– Patting Eddy on the head is a sign of dominance to him and it also doesn’t feel particularly good for him. Try something less threatening like scratching him behind the ears, under the chin or on his belly.

14. Play- Playing with Peggy-Sue is an easy way to create some bonding time for the both of you. Pull and tug toys, tennis balls, frisbees and other toys are available from your local Aussie Pooch Operator for play time.

15.Exercise- Take Fido out for a run or better yet, to a dog beach or the dog park. That way he can socialise as well as get the exercise he needs.

16. Affection- Got 5 minutes free? Give Snowball a massage. Got 10 seconds free? Give him a belly rub; he’ll appreciate it even if it is short.

17. Training- Mental stimulation and training is just as important as physical exercise for dogs.  It is a great way to keep Doodles from engaging in bored destruction also.

18. Treats- Invest in some APM Pooch Cookies, that way, whenever Sir Barkalot doesn’t bark, listens really well or does something else right; you can show him he’s being a good boy with a treat.

19. Toys- Here’s an obvious one – gifts are always a great way to show Sunggles you care about her. You can go big, like a comfy new dog bed, so she doesn’t always crawl into yours, or you can get her different APM toys when she has her bath.

20. Discipline- this may seem like an odd one, but there is nothing Boo loves more than to please you. Help her to learn how by using a low, firm tone when she does something wrong and rewarding her with a treat or a pat when she does the right thing.

21. Feed him well but not too well- It may seem like Tubby loves his unhealthy food and licks the bowl clean every time but obesity is just as bad for dogs as it is for people. Remember there are treats out there that taste delicious for Tubby that don’t have the calories associated with them like our APM Pooch Cookies.

22. Regular vet visits- Archie may not catch on that his regular vet visit is an act of appreciation but you will at least know you are doing it because you want him to live his fullest, longest life.

23. Regular grooming- Most dogs need brushing at least once a week and there are many different brushes available depending on your dogs needs. It feels so good to Homer to get brushed, and it is relaxing for you too.

24. Regular dental treats- Just like in humans, plaque and bacteria develop in your dog’s mouth. APM Dental Chews help to eradicate tartar build up and they help prevent nasty oral diseases in Jimmy Choo’s mouth. He will know you care as these dental chews are an irresistible tasty treat for him.

25. Let them follow you- Dogs are pack animals and following you around is another way of Twinkie showing you she likes to be by your side and loves you. Even though she might get in the way sometimes, remember that she simply just wants your company.

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