How to Cope with Visiting Children and Your Dog

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Try to keep the children from stressing out the dog with over-excitement as first impressions matter and if the dog is scared or intimidated then he will never accept these children.

bite-waiting-to-happenIf your dog isn’t particularly fond of children then you can set up a ‘kid-free zone’ for them. Make sure they have water bedding, are fed and have something to entertain themselves with, such as toys. Make sure the kids know not to disturb the dog by telling them when they come into the house and put a note on the door in which your dog is staying.

But what if you have a dog who is the complete opposite and loves kids? Many dogs can get over excited about seeing kids because unlike adults, the children are a lot smaller and are about the same size as the dog. Because of this excitement, the dog tends to become a bit rowdy and start playing rough by play biting, knocking the children over and barking at them. The solution to this is having your dog tied up where they can see the children but can’t reach them as they walk in. After the dog has settled down from all the excitement, untie them from their restraints and, making sure they stay calm, walk them over to the children and settle the dog in.

For a dog that gets nervous around children you may want to warn the children about pressuring the dog such as cornering them or being over-excited about them. This can lead to your dog feeling the need to protect themselves and they’ll start biting and barking which will also scare the children.

Remember that kids can be tiring and your dog may grow drained so be aware of when your dog starts showing signs of fatigue and tiredness. Make sure the kids understand the boundaries when playing with your dog and when to know they should stop playing and let your dog rest.

Follow these tips and both the children and your dog will have a happy visit.

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