How Intelligent Is Your Dog?

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Ever wondered how intelligent your dog is? You probably don’t think they are that smart with how they chase their tails and fall for the not-actually-throwing the ball trick, but you could be terribly wrong.

WikiHow has set out a great way to test your dogs intelligence, a physical IQ test.

aid735383-728px-Test-a-Dog's-Intelligence-Step-2-Version-4Step 1) Find a stopwatch. You’re going to need one for the test to measure seconds.

Step 2) Toss a towel over the dog’s head. Let the dog smell a large towel or a small blanket. Toss it over the dog’s head, covering it completely. As soon as the towel is on the dog’s head, start the stopwatch and see how long it takes them to get the towel off their head completely.

Write down your dog’s score.

a) 30 seconds or less: 3 points

b) 31-120 seconds: 2 points

c) Tries but doesn’t succeed within 120 seconds: 1 point.

d) Doesn’t try to get free: 0 pointsaid735383-728px-Test-a-Dog's-Intelligence-Step-3-Version-4

Step 3) Hide a treat under the towel. Show the dog a treat and while they are watching place the treat on the floor and cover it with the towel. Start the stopwatch and see how long it takes for him to get the treat.

Again, take down their score:

a) 30 seconds or less: 3 points

b) 31-60 seconds: 2 points

c) Tries but fails within 60 seconds: 1 point

d) Doesn’t try: 0 points. aid735383-728px-Test-a-Dog's-Intelligence-Step-5-Version-4

Step 4) Set up a low opening. For this part of the test, you will need a few books and a plank. Put the books in two separate piles evenly and set the plank across from one pile to the other. Your dog should be able to reach under with it’s paws but not it’s muzzle. Make sure the plank can’t be knocked over by putting some weight on the plank. Place a treat under the plank while the dog is watching. Encourage the dog to get the treat while you time them:

a) Succeeds with in 2 minutes (using it’s paws): 4 points

b) Succeeds within 3 minutes (using it’s paws): 3 points

c) Fails within 3 minutes but uses it’s paws: 2 points

d) Fails, only using it’s muzzle: 1 point.

e) Doesn’t try: 0 pointsaid735383-728px-Test-a-Dog's-Intelligence-Step-6

Step 5) Teach your dog to find a hidden treat. This test is designed to challenge a dog’s memory and not it’s problem solving skills like the previous tests. Put a treat underneath a plastic cup and encourage the dog to try and find it, after about 10 seconds lift the cup to show the dog where it is. Do this about 8-10 times in order to make sure the dog remembers where the treat goes. Now place three cups upside down on the floor about a foot apart and put the treat under one of the cups while the dog is watching. lead the dog out of the room for 30 seconds, and then bring them back into the room. Encourage the dog to find the treat.

a) Checks under the right cup on the first try: 2 points

b) Finds it within 2 minutes: 1 point

c) Doesn’t find it: 0 points

Step 6) Add up your dog’s scores.

11-12 points: Canine genius

8-10 points: Obedience School Honour Student

4-7 points: Just an Average Rex

1-3 points: I’m a barker, not a thinker

0 points: You might have just tested a mop.

So there you have it folks, a great set of tests to determine your dog’s intelligence level.

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