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Becoming a small business owner at just 16, Christine Taylor has built her small income earner “Aussie Pooch Mobile”, into a franchise which continues to flourish 21 years later. She is the latest inductee into the Franchise Hall of Fame, announced at the NAB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards in Canberra, October 2012.

Chris, who wanted to work with animals from a very young age, is now a proud mother of two, and with the help of her husband David and their loyal support team they continue to grow the business throughout Australia and off shore through USA, UK, Malaysia, New Caledonia and NZ under The Pooch Mobile.

She reveals what we can expect from Aussie Pooch Mobile in the future, her thoughts on the Hall of Fame, and her secrets to success.

From what I read you started your business at the age of 16. Is this something that you knew you wanted to do full time, even then, or was it meant to be a part time job that snowballed?

I started my own business at 16 in the pet care industry, and it was something that I was passionate about. At 16 you don’t really know what you want, but you want to follow something that you’re interested in doing. I was interested in being able to earn an income from something that I enjoyed.

At what point did you realise that it was going to become a full time pursuit?

It was like any small business, you build on it. It was in 1991 when I realised that I alone could not keep up with the potential of the service I was offering. I needed a way to expand it, and to get other people on board to help wash and care for as many dogs as we could.

The home service for the family dog now includes… brushing, clipping, dog washing using a hydrobath, nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning, blow drying, doggy treats and our newest service dog facials. Pet products and friendly helpful advice to best care for your dog is also offered.

Why did you decide to use the franchise model to grow your business?

I researched the different models for businesses that were around and I decided that the franchising model worked. Franchising allowed others to share in my passion and be in control of their own destiny.

Through Aussie Pooch you’ve been involved in a number of charity endeavours including the RSPCA Million Paws Walk and the Variety Doggy Fantastic camping weekend. Are there any more plans on the horizon in that area?

We’ve just launched a fundraiser with the Animal Welfare League to celebrate pooches birthdays with the‘ Pooch Birthday Party Month’ on a national level. This is happening in October of this year. Charity work and working within the community is very much a part of who we are, and it’s something that our operators enjoy.

What does the Hall of Fame accolade mean to you?

I’m humbled and honoured by being recognised in this way. For someone who started out washing a few dogs to be recognised as a leader in their field in this industry is certainly a very honourable accolade. My greatest reward comes from helping others. As a member of the Hall of Fame it will allow me a platform to reach out and continue to help others and enhance the profile of franchising within Australia and the world.

Are there any future plans for Aussie Pooch that you could let us in on?

Aussie Pooch is very much an ever evolving business, with our mission of “We Care’ very much shown through the care and wellbeing of the dogs we wash as well as the franchisees and the people involved in our system. We continuing to grow the business and dominate the marketplace in the pet care franchise industry, and we’re in the process of adding unique additional services to meet the demands of the customers in the marketplace.

Where do you see the future of franchising in the next 5-10 years?

If the last 21 years is anything to go by, the future of franchising in Australia has a sound and solid future. Franchising is a wonderful business to be in.

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