Travel Sickness in Dogs

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Boxer Puppy in Rear Seat of CarIt’s always great to go on a road trip with your dog, even if it’s only a short visit to the local vet. It gets them out and about to see heaps of different things  that they can’t see in your backyard or house. But sometimes dogs can get a bit queasy during or after the ride. Motion sickness in dogs happens all the time and can happen on even the shortest trips.

How To Tell Whether Your Dog’s Getting Motion Sick?

Although all dogs react and behave differently to stress, There are many signs you can look out for that tell you whether or not your dog is getting car sick.

  • Listlessness – your dog does seem interested by the tings outside.
  • Constant yawning – stress might be causing your dog to become fatigued and tired.
  • Too much drooling – this is a sign of stress and is quite noticeable.
  • Incessant whining – whining is a method that dogs use to deal with stress much like humans cry to relieve stress.
  • Vomiting – Stress and anxiety makes the stomach nauseous.
  • Uneasiness – your dog seems wary and nervous or uneasy. Which is often displayed by shaking.
  • Inactivity – if your dog isn’t excited and is sitting still in the eat, they are most likely feeling stressed which is a fast track to motion sickness.

So Why Does It Happen?

Puppies experience motion sickness because their ear structure, which isn’t fully developed at that age, is responsible for the dog’s balance. Most of the time, as puppies grow up into mature dogs, they grow out of motion sickness but others don’t.

Often, vomiting can be triggered by stress rather than the actual motion of the car. Your dog affiliate being in the car with stress and anxiety.

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