Hot Spots

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A hot spot is a skin condition which occurs on a dog and can become infected or inflamed. Aussie Pooch Mobile can help treat this. Phone: 1300 369 369. Symptoms that a hot spot has occurred could be hair loss, continually licking and itching. Common causes of hot spots are allergies such as fleas, mites, insect bites, grass and food.
A hot spot is usually quite deep in the dog’s skin and can also have an odour. Popular dogs that are prone to hot spots are; Newfoundland’s, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Bernese Mountain dogs.

Signs of a hot spot could be:

– Reddening of the area
– Moist
– Painful when touched
– Swelling
– Warm

To prevent a hot spot, regularly groom the dog, dry thoroughly after bathing or swimming, keep up to date with flea and tick treatments and treat any skin sores immediately. To treat a hot spot, the owner should shave or clip the fur around the infection to dry it out or allow air to it. Hair loss is typical when this infection occurs but matted fur is common on top of the hot spot as well. Cool the area with cold water and cleanse it with a gentle to skin cleanser or antiseptic. If severe, a local veterinarian may prescribe an antibiotic or spray for the dog.

Although, there is home remedies to try cure a hot spot. Using black tea bags will help heal and dry out the wound. Soak the tea bag in hot water and once removed let it cool. Apply the tea bag directly onto the hot spot for about five minutes. Repeat this treatment several times daily, until the spot is dry and healed. Herbal tea bags must not be used. Also, using witch hazel can cool and sooth the infection. All these treatments will help cure a hot spot and get the dog back to its healthy, energetic way again.

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