The Aussie Pooch Mobile Trailer

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Our Aussie Pooch Mobile trailers are not only eye catching, but also have been recommended by other pet care professionals for the dogs well being and the operators.


  •  – Clear sides for a view of the open surroundings 
  • – Airflow to keep you cool
  • – Built from high quality steel
  • – Long lasting with minimal maintenance
  • – Made for all weather conditions WORLDWIDE
  • – Open design allows the dog to feel at ease
  • – Easy to clean
  • – 70 litre storage water tank for when you do not have access to water
  • – Heating element to keep the pooch comfortable in cooler weather
  • – Trailer door has space for advertising
  • – Open trailer allows you to communicate with owner and passers by to promote more business
  • – Great customer service as you never have your back to the customer

All our trailers consist of the same design and layout to aussie-pooch-dog-wash-trailercomfort all pooches, their owners and the operators. ”If a dog cannot see the outside world then it is likely to react with fear, or aggression” says Vets All Natural. Aussie Pooch operators don’t have this problem as they have the open layout within the design of their trailer to accommodate their pooches with the surroundings of their natural environment. Craig A Murray Dog Trainer explains,“Clear perplex to ensure plenty of light so the dog does not feel as closed in causing them to get defensive. Therefore “The open air aspect of the trailers allows for a lot of airflow into the trailer providing a safe comfortable place for the dog and person washing the dog.”says Bark Busters Home Dog Training. 

By having all these comforting aspects within the trailer all pooches can stay relaxed and calm when being pampered by Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash operators. 


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