Have your dog blowing bubbles in no time !

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You may be thinking, there is no way on earth I could ever teach my dog to do something like this, but you going to be surprised at how EASY it really is! Aussie Pooch Mobile can help. Phone: 1300 369 369.

You wouldn’t believe it’s actually a natural thing for dogs to do. dog-blowing-bubbles

It’s all made possible by one fact. When a dog submerges their nose in water, they instinctively blow air out of it, this is keep them from inhaling water. So really, you are not teaching your dog to ‘blow bubbles’ so much as to stick and hold their nose underwater.

Tips                                                                       The easiest way to teach this is by rewarding your dog for small steps. If your dog does blow bubbles naturally, you can try to ‘capture’ it, but if they are like most dogs, they may not do it enough to make training it easy.

Steps                                                                                                                                       1. Reward looking at/ noticing the bowl.                                                                                2. Reward for approaching the bowl.                                                                                    3. Reward for touching the bowl.                                                                                              4. Water can be added before you start, or after you have the dog targeting the bottom of the bowl dry. This will depend on your dog’s comfort level. If you start dry, fill up the water slowly.                                                                                                                                      5. Once water is added, your dog will naturally start blowing bubbles.                                    6. Reward your dog for his progress.                                                                                      7. Start adding whatever cue you want to use as your dog approaches the bowl and stick his nose in.  dog-blowing-bubbles-in-bowl

Remember, this is supposed to be fun for your dog, so make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for him.




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