Nails clipped- Why does my dog hate it?

Keeblue line nails clippedping your dogs nails clipped regularly

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Back when dogs roamed free in the wild their nails would naturally wear down but now that they have become more domesticated it is important to keep them clipped regularly. It saves our floors and sometimes even our skin from becoming scratched. It is also good for your dog to keep their nails clipped shorter. If they become too long and curl back into your dogs skin they can become very uncomfortable.

Survival instinct 

The main reason dogs hate getting their nails clipped is because of the pain. It doesn’t hurt them if they are clipped correctly but if your dog has been cut too close to their nerve in their nail, even once, he will remember it. Nature provides pain as a protection and if something hurts we learn to avoid and even fight it. It is survival instinct.

The best protocol while clipping nails

The best protocol is to take your time when your dog is getting their nails clipped. Try to relax and not stiffen up or hold your dogs nail tighter when they go to pull away. You need to be firm but also relaxed so your dog feels at ease and understands that you are in control but also won’t hurt them.

Who else can I contact to clip my dogs nails?

Every Aussie Pooch Mobile operator is trained in clipping your dogs nails. It is included in every hydrobath service. You can contact them on 1300 369 369. Your local vet can also clip your dogs nails for you.


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  1. Kyra
    | Reply

    How much for dogs nails clipping

    • Brooke Carter
      | Reply

      Hello Kyra, our Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers clip your dog’s nails in our standard service which includes a hydrobath, ears and eyes cleaned, Aromacare, deodorise, brush and blow dry. The easiest way to get a complimentary quote and to find out the details of your local operator is to call 1300 369 369 or visit and pop in your postcode. You can then contact your local Aussie pooch Mobile dog groomer directly online. I hope this helps. Have a pawsome day!

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